Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

5th February 2021

Chinese New Year at The Fairmile

Chinese New Year is nearly upon us and we are looking forward to celebrating. On the 12th of February, millions of people will be enjoying great food, music and parades all over the world. If you’re thinking about making some authentic Chinese dishes at home, our chef has got some tips for you:

• Get any meat from your local butcher. If you let them know what recipe you’re making, they can help you select the best cut.

•  Invest in a good wok. It’s a foundational tool for great Chinese cooking.

•  Don’t try to overcomplicate the flavours. Simple is often best.

•  Give yourself a little room for extra calories. Great Chinese food is not for the calorie counter.

•  Also, invest in a great chef’s knife. There is a fair bit of chopping involved in Chinese cooking and a good knife can make this faster.

•  Buy a rice cooker. You’ll get better results on your rice bases. Oh, and always wash the rice first.

•  Cooked, cold long grain white rice makes for the best Egg Fried Rise base.

•  Use good quality soy sauce. We like Kikkoman low sodium.

•  Always use fresh herbs and spices.

Now for our ultimate sweet and sour sauce for you to serve with your Chinese New Year dishes:


500ml tomato juice

300g demerara sugar

30g salt

200ml orange juice

20ml soy sauce

20g cornflour

80ml water


Add the sugar, tomato juice, orange juice, soy and salt to a pan and simmer on a gentle heat until bubbling.

Mix the corn flour and water together and pour into the mix and whisk until combined with no lumps.

Simmer until syrup consistency and serve warm or chilled with your Chinese mains.

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