Food and drink quiz

Food and drink quiz

29th June 2020

Food & drink quiz

How many of these food and drink quiz questions can you correctly guess? Answers at the bottom of the page.

1. Earl Grey is a popular blend of tea, but what fruit gives the tea its unique flavour?

a. Bergamot

b. Lemon

c. Kiwi

2. If you ordered ceviche at a restaurant what would you be served?

a. A Peruvian sausage

b. Raw fish cured in citrus juice

c. A cold Argentinian soup

3. Which country consumes the most coffee per capita per year?

a. USA

b. Sweden

c. Finland

4. Cilantro is a popular herb in North America but, what is the herb commonly referred to as in the UK?

a. Thai basil

b. Coriander

c. Marjoram

5. What is the principal ingredient that gives the French liqueur Crème de Mure its unique flavour?

a. Blackberries

b. Raspberries

c. Figs

6. Goulash is the national dish of which country?

a. Hungary

b. Bulgaria

c. Ukraine

7. Which London department store claims to have invented Scotch eggs in 1738?

a. Harrods

b. Liberty

c. Fortnum & Mason

8. A vegetable referred to as an Eggplant in Australia and the USA is named what in the UK?

a. Courgette

b. Aubergine

c. Sweet potato

9. What is the name of the spiciest chilli in the world?

a. Carolina Reaper

b. Scotch Bonnet

c. Habanero

10. Which pastry is used to make the popular middle-eastern dessert baklava?

a. Choux pastry

b. Filo pastry

c. Puff pastry


Answers: a, b, c, b, a, a, c, b, a, b

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